Courtney + Deirdre

I became a REALTOR by accident.  I was plugging away at my job as a computer programmer.  As a hobby, my husband and I loved to get coffee and drive neighborhoods on the weekends. He’d often have co-workers relocating to our town and I’d tell them about new listings or hot areas to search.  It was during one of these conversations that I realized I loved talk about real estate - it was so fun!

 Fast forward to 2015.  We made the choice to move our family to Bozeman.  We now have 3 kids and our youngest son was born only 9 weeks before we moved.  The good thing was that I knew how to help people with real estate.  The tough thing was that I didn’t know anyone in Bozeman.  Enter my new bestie.

 Deirdre owned a beauty bar on Main Street called Indulgence.  It had such a joyful happy energy.  I loved going in there to have my nails done or buy a new lipstick.  These are such treats when you’re in the depths of the sleepless nights and demands of a new baby.  We’d always get to giggling together and I always felt refreshed when I left.

 One day, we decided to take our laughter outside of the beauty bar. We went next door to Plonk for a drink.  Deirdre confided in me her interest in becoming a REALTOR.  She then said, “I’d take a bullet for you, but I don’t even know what you do for work?”  She had no idea that I had been a broker for many years.  A plan to join forces quickly came together.