Courtney + Deirdre

Home + Lifestyle Matchmakers

Deirdre owned a beauty bar called Indulgence on Main Street.  Courtney was new to town and was working to get established, but also had a brand new baby.  She loved going to Indulgence and visiting with the friendly people there. They felt like friends.  Sleepless nights come along with parenting an infant. Perking up with a new lipstick and a good giggle felt so nice.

One day, we decided to take our laughter outside of the beauty bar. We went next door for a drink.  It was then that Deirdre shared her interest in becoming a REALTOR. She had no idea that Courtney had been a broker for many years.  A plan to join forces came together.

Deirdre felt that the real estate industry was less than genuine.  Sometimes it was embarrassing to tell people she’s now a REALTOR. Many people have a bad idea of REALTORs and think we are all the same.  Courtney had struggled with this over the years as well.  We only want our clients to have peace of mind.  Working together, how would it be possible to show people that?

Courtney was unknown in town and people knew Deirdre as a make-up artist.  With 1,300 licensed agents in this valley, getting the word out might be tough.

Courtney had invested in technology to create brand awareness in this new market.  Deirdre doesn’t love tech, but does love people. Having lived in Bozeman for 25 years, she knows everyone in town.  This is better than a website any day!

Many teams that work together split duties helping home buyers or home sellers.  Each person specializes in one side of the process. That’s how we thought we would work, too.  But, we knew we had to change roles once we got started. We explain our roles as if we work in a restaurant.  Deirdre is the host and server. She spends time with our clients to understand their needs and make recommendations.  Courtney is the chef. She works behind the scenes on contracts and details to ensure a seamless experience. It takes both of us focusing on our chosen roles to create the kind of fun process we want for our clients.

 Throughout the buying or selling of a home, we get to work very closely with our clients.  This allows us a view into their day-to-day life.  This is a sacred space. The trust granted to us is so precious.  We do everything we can to honor that.

We both completely understand the emotional challenges that come along with changing homes.  Even in the best case, moving is tough. Also, moving is not all about the house. It’s about the people and finding a match between your lifestyle and where you live.  We are matchmakers. It is our job to understand your needs and find a place where you can thrive!

That’s why our role as matchmakers is so important to us.  We know that when homes and lifestyles match, the result is magical.  There is freedom, happiness, and inspiration. We want all this and much more for you.